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When the Snapper turned six weeks old this Monday, I decided it was time to leave the State of Emergency and work our way towards a State of Normalcy.


Start getting all of us some sleep. This is priority #1 and is key to the success of all other projects. As I say this I am knocking on wood and crossing my fingers at the same time: we are making progress. After six weeks I am finally starting to understand my own kid. I noticed that he needs three to four hours to get settled in the evening. Putting him straight in the carseat (this works, so for the moment we’re sticking with it) when we go to bed is a recipe for disaster. So I’ve instituted an evening routine–this is a child who craves it–that starts with a bath, moves to a bottle with Attic Man, and ends with several hours of holding and nursing whenever until bedtime. By the time we’re ready to turn in he’s ready to settle in for the night. He’s up to nurse every three hours, and if I stay in bed for about 10 hours I get 8 of sleep.  Granted, every night is a little different, which is fine–we’re still largely nursing on demand (I never deny him when hungry but sometimes top him off before heading to the doctor or attempting to make dinner)–but we’re moving toward something workable, which is the important thing.

Get back on the whole grains, sugar-free train.  The winter before the Snapper was conceived I discovered I could avoid the mood and energy roller coaster by cutting out refined carbs and sugar.  I kept it up until the third trimester, and now it’s all gone to shite.  I’m tired of the afternoon doldrums and the spectacular mid-morning crashes.  I’d also like to return to a healthy weight–losing not just twenty pounds of pregnancy weight but twenty more of adoption weight as well–and this is just about the best way to start.  I’ll not be dieting.  Breastfeeding is good enough for that and I don’t want to lose too quickly.  Whole grains are no big deal.  Sugar is going to be the real bear.  It should take 2-3 weeks to lose the cravings and a couple of months before I can reintroduce small amounts on weekends.  I have to keep telling myself that it will be worth it for how good I will feel.

A walk every day + that yoga DVD I bought the other day.  The walk is no biggie–the Baby Bjorn is my new best friend–but until the Snapper can semi-predictably go for an entire hour without nursing or being held the yoga will have to wait.

Stop living in a state of filth and chaos.  But how possible is this, really??  I’ve managed to do most of the dishes every day (no dishwasher) and at least start a load of laundry.  The rest is not coming along very well.

Figure out a new/better direction for Boomerific.  I do have a post in my head about revocation periods in adoption based on my birth experience.

Would write more but we are in a 30-hours-and-counting nurse-a-thon.  I should have had a snack instead of writing.  Oh well.


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