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First of all, I hope you’re not reading this, because if you are it means that you Googled yourself and made it through too many pages of hurtful, scarring rumors and outrageous judgments about you, your family, and your choices.  I am sorry on behalf of all of us–Republican, Democrat, Independent, Blogger, and Pundit–that the very personal details of your life, particularly your sexual activities, are being discussed everywhere.

I am not going to discuss those details here, other than to say that as a pro-life person, I’m glad you’ve decided to raise your baby.  And as someone who is cheerleader for mothers and babies of all ages, you have it within you to do a great job.

But–and this is where my letter stops being personal and gets political–just because I like what I think you’ve done (because I didn’t get it from you, I got it from reporters who got it from a campaign who got it from your parents) doesn’t mean I’ve decided to ignore the real campaign issues and vote based on a candidate’s family situation.  It’s not fair that your mother and Sen. McCain are taking credit for something you have chosen in an effort to further their campaign.  I agree with Sen. Obama that families should be off-limits, aside from the photo-ops and professions of love.  It’s OK for candidates to let their children humanize them to the public.  It’s not OK for them to use the personal details of your life (and your brother’s) to make them look electable.  I don’t want to decide the election based on what kind of parent a person is–outside of extreme cases of abuse–but his or her platform and how he or she would be in office.

I’m sorry I let this get to me and I hope the next couple of years of your life don’t suck because people like me let it.

I hope your pregnancy is uneventful and returns to being private.


sster of boomerific


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